The Founding of Enebrax - 2

Enebrax was constructed in a few short weeks of incredible ritual casting. A few miles to the west loomed an old mountain range. It was a territory dominated by grassy plains, few rivers, and the rare forest.

The mages of the tower began to develop trading and friendly relations with nearby tribes. Meyer had a strong respect for the Old Faith, and demonstrated knowledge of their spiritual practices. This won favor and soon an easy peace developed.

However, from the mountains came orcish raiders. While Enebrax was well warded, neophyte mages coming to train were often attacked. The druids, barbarians, and rangers of the tribes were frequently locked in combat with the raiders. In spite of the positive relations and mutually beneficial possibilities, Meyer didn’t want to lock his aspiring casters in a war that could result in another race’s extinction.

But, when a group of dwarves came to claim their home, Meyer felt that Enebrax could remain neutral no longer. He sent a group of elvish bards, tiefling wizards, halfling (arcane) tricksters, and some human eldritch knights into the mountains. Working with the local tribes and the dwarves they would root out the orcs as peacefully as possible.

The orc tribes refused to make peace, but the Enebraxian peace keepers found unusual allies. The orcs had made their raids to supply their war with the underdark drow. Once Meyer’s peace keepers met with some drow they were able to forge an agreement of mutual non-destruction.

This turned the tide of battle on both fronts. It’s said one-third of the orcs left the mountains in fear, one-third threw their lives away, and one-third acclimated to the Enebraxian culture. While there are no orcs left, half-orcs have risen to cultural significance in modern Enebrax. The orcs even acclimated to living in the tribes, adopting the Old Faith over the Cult of Gruumsh.

The Founding of Enebrax - 2

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