The Founding of Enebrax - 3

In the final days of the Dhorne Empire, Meyer felt that he needed to go to the aid of old friends. He left the care of Enebrax to others and departed. He was never heard from again.

The allies Meyer had made felt that Enebrax’s future was as less a college of study, but rather a city in its own right. Between the dwarven mountain and tower, a multi-tiered city was constructed. The drow, dwarves, humans, tieflings, etc. elected representatives. They were given the titles of “Lord”.

In time, the title of “Lord” spread to become a title for members of society who represented others — or someone who acted with nobility in the business of Enebrax.

When Callinthian armies reached the city, the Lords of Enebrax chose to peacefully acclimate to the nation. They could pay taxes and the Old Faith laws were easy for them to embrace. In truth, it changed Enebrax little.

300 years ago, King Masholum the first began requesting powerful artifacts and soldiers from Enebrax. Over the centuries that followed, it became common place to contribute to the Callinth invasion of Lumir.

The Founding of Enebrax - 3

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