The people of Lumir follow a primarily monotheistic religion. It views all deities as aspects of one “True Light.” Focusing on the notions of light and truth, they refuse to harbour:

Warlocks, for their pacts are most foul.

Assassin rogues, out of many noblemen lost.
Druids, their cults to the Old Faith have no pertinence to Lumir’s future.
Barbarians, fools fueled by madness and Old Faith rituals.
Wizards cling to their studies too tightly. They do not pursue the light with their time, enough.

The only bard worth his salt is one who leads others into battle. Wit and lore are not where they are most needed.

The Lumirean Council rules over all of Lumir. They, and their people, believe in righteousness and goodness… especially their own.

Humans are the most prevalent race by far. They also make up the majority of the council. Dwarves, elves, and halflings do have a presence in the nation.

Some dragonborn are welcome (depending on their scale color). Tiefling and drow are shunned (but, violence against them isn’t tolerated). Half-elves are generally distrusted until they ‘prove themselves’. Half-orcs usually killed on sight. Gnomes are monsters.


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