Callinth is a monarchy in the loosest sense.

In ages past, a king of Callinth began expanding his military might using any means necessary. He crushed enemies, but showed legendary mercy to prisoners. He became more and more fascinated by other cultures. His rule was often more merciful than those he conquered. On the war path, many nation states surrendered before his army could draw near. The offer of protection, medicine, roads, employment, schools, etc. caused a Renaissance.

The kings of Callinth declined into opulance. Occasionally they would invade another nation or city. But, for the most part they enjoyed a modest taxing on all their acquired states. A few core tenants based on the Old Faith were sent across the land. This kept the peace and enforced the rule of the kings. But, most of the time people in each city state (or larger territory) ruled themselves. The races of Callinth are a mixed bread. Closer to the King’s city are more humans, but other than that… it’s a mix based on region.

Enebrax, for example, has a thriving drow population.

Callinthians worship many deities, and it is considered respectable to follow the Old Faith (though few do). But, most are familiar with some basic aspects due to the Callinthian tenants. For example, outright murder is against the tenants.


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