The Lords of...

The Lords of...

The Lost War

Enebrax looks to its lords for guidance.

The nations of Callinth and Lumir have ended their war with a truce. But, through every city in Callinth, the truth is spoken in whispers. The lands of the Callinthian people will be occupied. Rebellion is the next word on every tongue… only if the lords who rule their people lead them to violence. If their lords recommend peace, then they shall abide for now.

King Masholum (the Vth) of Callinth, however, has plans of his own. When he saw the tide of war turning against him, he summoned his greatest wizards. With their rituals, he hid troves of magical weaponry across the kingdom. The conquerors would find their victory hollow.

As a hero-lord, you guide your people. Also, one of the dungeons is rumored to be near your city…


YouKnow_Allan YouKnow_Allan

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